pawprint1Why Choose Us?

Walk This Way East Bay is a dog walking company that caters its services specifically to your schedule, your needs and your dog’s personality. We specialize in Daily Dog Adventure hikes for all shapes and sizes of four-legged friends. You’ll have peace of mind that your pooch is well taken care of and your dog will get the exercise and socialization it needs. Andy Vevers, the owner/operator of Walk This Way East Bay, has almost 10 years experience in the commercial dog walking industry and a lifetime of knowledge about what it takes to have a well-balanced pooch.

pawprint1Why do I need a dog walker?

Dogs are social animals and thrive with a healthy routine of love, companionship and exercise. If you work all day or just don’t have the time or the ability to give your pooch the appropriate level of exercise this can lead to unwanted behavior. Constant barking, over excitement, chewing of furniture, eating shoes and aggressiveness towards neighbors or the mail delivery person can be signs that our four legged buddy isn’t quite getting the exercise and mental stimulation that they need. Having access to a backyard, even if it’s a big one, won’t necessarily be enough to get rid of their energy and boredom can become an issue. Which is where Walk This Way East Bay comes in.